Circle Track Engines

Is you’re current engine program letting you down?

Matching the right engine combination to the drivers driving style is the key to winning races. Building off the corner torque and straight away horsepower wins races. CNC-Motorsports Competition engines do just that. We understand the importance of a broad usable power band giving our customers everything they expect and more. We also understand the importance of price, yet maintaining reliability. We will never sacrifice quality in “any” of our engines just to make a sale. We use only top quality name brand parts we trust such as Crower, Dart, Comp Cams, Trend, Diamond, JE, Total seal ,and Brodix just to name a few.

All our circle track engines are 100% blue-printed and machined to our race wining tolerances. Every circle track engine is dyno tested before our customers take possession allowing us to tune there engine for maximum performance. So if you’re current engine program is letting you down, then let CNC-Motorsports put you back in front winning races.

We have built race wining engines for a variety of classes all over the world. Dry sump, wet sump, gas or alcohol are no problem.

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