Cylinder Heads

Quality cylinder head work is horsepower.

Purchasing a quality set of cylinders heads is getting harder and harder. There is nothing worse than purchasing cylinder heads with poor quality castings, cheap springs, cheap valves, poor valve jobs and tight valve guides only to find out your valve stuck, or broke costing you several thousands more. We use only quality valves from Ferrea and Manley, we use only valve springs from Manley, Comp Cams, Crower or Pac. We use ARP rockers studs only. We will never sacrifice quality on cylinder heads just to offer you a cheaper price. Quality cylinder head work is horsepower. Reliable Horsepower is what you’re expecting when purchasing a new set of cylinder heads. We custom build all our cylinder heads to match the customer’s specific application use, RPM and camshaft lift. We don’t just offer a one or two valve spring combination fits all cylinder head package. We know what you need, we will deliver quality and performance you can trust. For your next set of cylinder heads make sure you call CNC-Motorsports, you won’t be disappointed.

 We carry AFR, Dart, Brodix, BMP, World, RHS and EQ Cylinder heads.

Any cylinder can be customized to your needs, ported, titanium valves, angle milled, you name it we can do it for you. 

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